Here is our latest selection of plants that are looking good at the moment:-

Clematis Miss Bateman

A mid season large flowered single pure white flowered climber, with chocolate anthers. Sepals over lapping. Height 3m. Spread 1m.

Clematis Durandii

A semi-climbing perennial with saucer- shaped, single, indigo-blue flowers,distinctive golden yellow anthers. Height 1-2m. Spread 1m.

Clematis Pink Fantasy

A large-flowered climber with pale pink flowers with a darker bar. Height 2-4m. Spread 1.5m.

Cupressus Goldcrest

Monterey Cypress. A narrow coniferous tree, rich golden yellow foliage with pointed plume-like sprays. Evergreen. Height 5m. Spread 2.5m.

Hibiscus William R Smith 7.5 Ltr

Tree Hollyhock. An erect shrub with toothed dark green leaves and single white flowers from mid-summer to autumn. Height 1.8m. Spread 1.5m.

Imperata Cylindrica Red Baron - 3 Ltr

Japanese Blood Grass. An attractive grass with narrow yellow-green leaves tipped with red in spring, by mid-summer the whole leaf is red. Height 45cm. Spread 30cm.

Luma (Myrtus) Glanleam Gold 5 Ltr

Evergreen shrub with peeling cinnamon-brown & creamy white bark. Aromatic dark green leaves, margined creamy yellow with cluster of cup-shaped white flowers followed by purple berries. Height 3m. Spread 3m

Miscanthus Sinensis Zebrinus 3 Ltr

(Zebra Grass) An elegant grass with arching narrow green leaves with bands of yellow and plumes of silver flowers. Height 2.4m. Spread 1.2m.

Ophiopogon Plan. Nigres. Black Dragon

Lilytuft. A clump-forming perennial with narrow, curving, almonst black leaves. Clusters of pale purplish white flowers followed by dark blue-black fruit. Height 20cm. Spread 30cm.

Solanum Crispum Glasnevin 3 Ltr

Semi-evergreen vigorous shrub. Dark green leaves with slightly fragrant purple-blue flowers.

Sollya Heterophylla 3 Ltr

Bluebell Creeper. Glossy green leaves and Gentain blue flowers in profusion.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides

A twining climber with glossy dark green leaves, turning bronze-red in winter. White flowers from mid to late summer. Height 9m.